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Junior Hockey

Ages 6-14

Mini Astro Turf

Brooklyn Hockey And Sport Club

Brooklyn Hockey and Sport Club aims ​​at improving individual skills. You can expect skills circuit drills with loads of stick on ball action followed by mini-games. 

We have entered a boys and a girls team into the Northerns Blues  Primary league. All u11-u13 club members will be eligible to play in this league. You have to be a registered club member to participate in the league. League games are full field 11 v 11 games . 

Please note that you  ARE NOT obliged to participate in the Northerns Primary league but, as a club member, you can take the opportunity if you choose to. Otherwise you'll be more than satisfied with the skills sessions alone!





Our Blu Bubbles program is designed for ages 6-10 . Its where our players begin. We do have 11 year old's join the Blu Bubbles group if the coach, parent and player see it as the right fit. Likewise, some players may be better suited to an older age group.

If you would like to test the waters, our suggestion would be to book a private session and get a feel for the place. (Scroll to see details about private sessions below)

Please Note that the Friday 16h00-17h30 slot is 'Hockey on The Hill'. (ie. Club members join hockey on the hill at PBHS)


Hockey On the Hill

Our individual skills style training gets an upgrade as Hockey on the Hill is hosted on PBHS World-Class Astroturf. 


Register below to get added to 'Hockey on the Hill's' Whatsapp group for more details.

Hockey on the Hill

Private Coaching

Private coaching is THE BEST way to improve technical skills. We do 1-on-1 sessions ; 2-on-1

and 3/4-on-1 sessions. Hockey Company's private coaching has produced a number of player of the tournaments, provincial players as well as players moving from their school C/B team up to the A team.




Our passionate coaches tend to build a valuable connection with the players which is important for growth as a person and a player.

Private Coaching


We have facilitated clinics for up to 150 players across age groups at one time (u6-u18 and seniors).  We do the following (according to your needs)

  • Provide coaches and equipment 

  • Taylor clinic program to your school/club's goals/needs

  • Host at your venue or Brooklyn Hockey and Sport or a venue that we source

Holiday Hockey Hub
/Dragflicking Clinics
/Games Days

Holiday hockey hub sees Brooklyn Hockey and Sport Club packed with juniors eager to have fun on the mini-turfs, indoor surface or on the slip and slide/jumping castles. Our coaches and players really do look forward to these sessions.

Our dragflicking programs have been designed by our International players and PHSOB Men's 1st team Dragflicker's.  Dragflicking is an art that requires hours and hours of guided training sessions to get it right.  This programme has come about from a series of various sessions that have been tested over the last 5 years.

Games days are just that! Fun and Games! You pitch, we split up the teams and we small sided games!

Enquire about our Whatsapp groups to receive updates on dates and pricing. 

*Changes to this schedule may occur, please contact us.


Skill Club



Skill Club



Hockey on the Hill



07:00-08:00 Goalkeepers Jnrs

08:00-09:00 Goalkeepers Snr
09:00-10:30 Skill Club


Skill Club



Skill Club


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