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All about Hockey

Everyone wants to be #1… but we really are!
The Hockey company Tshwane is the proud owner of the PSI franchise Tshwane Titans. Apart from hosting clinics, leagues, tournaments, we also supply qualified (and experienced) coaches as well as private sessions for both indoor hockey and field hockey. We're passionate about our team’s drive, skill, passion and sportsmanship. We are based in Pretoria. Check out the players who make up our winning team and the people who coach them to perfection.

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Lost property will be donated on the 28th February 2024

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Tshwane Titans Indoor 


Indoor Hockey

Join the Tshwane Titans Indoor hockey franchise, or just come play indoor with us. 


Outdoor Hockey

We host an annual Hoco Cup/Fest for all ages. We also run the PHSOB hockey club for u14-seniors.  

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Clinics and Coaching

We host clinics, skills clubs and Private coaching in Brooklyn. We are also available to hosts clinics at your school. 

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