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Covid-19 Protocols

Your safety is a priority

We are delighted to be able to confirm that under the current Lockdown Level HoCo Cup will be allowed to take place.

We want to assure you that the safety of our players, coaches, personnel and staff remains a top priority for Hockey Company Tshwane.

  1. Team players, coaches and personnel will never exceed 40 people at any given time in the open space of the astro.

  2. The dugout and entrance area will be sanitised (including fogging) before each game.

  3. A sanitising station will be placed at the entrance to the astro areas.

  4. To ensure that we adhere to the strictest safety conditions, we have appointed a Covid officer to monitor and regulate all safety protocols on duty for the duration of the tournament.

  5. The wearing of masks will be compulsory for personnel and other supporting staff as well as players once off field.

  6. All participants to pre-register on Privatizz App for temperature screening and notification of attendance to be registered at the venue

  7. On entering the tournament yard, all entrants will be subjected to a temperature reading, sanitation and screening.

  8. Entrants will scan the Privatizz QR code with the App on their cellphones or alternatively for those with Privatizz cards, they will be scanned by the duly appointed Covid officer.

  9. No spectators allowed at the astro.

The whole world is facing a “new normal” post Covid and this, our first astro tournament since the pandemic struck, essentially presents a blank canvas on which to create an exciting new landscape as we adapt to life in the wake of the pandemic – we have learned a lot from our experience safely hosting the PSI Indoor in December 2020.

The one certainty we, as Hockey Company Tshwane have, is that people need to stay active and stay safe in these trying times.

We look forward to seeing you all at HoCo Cup 2021 at Pretoria High School for Girls’ astro in July 2021!

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