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Hoco Cup is an annual event hosted by Hockey Company Tshwane.
This tournment caters to Pretoria based players/teams to act as an aid to improve Gauteng hockey as well as give an oppotunity for players and schools to play at a higher level of hockey. Local and affordable.

The tournament will be run as a formal tournament with a tournament director, 2 umpires and technical judge. All games will be recorded on video and distributed for free. A medic will be present during the course of the tournament full time. Spectators will be allowed for all matches.

Pretoria High School for Girls

Set up
Tournament: 5 match round robin
Games: 2x 20 min halfs
3 min halftime

The clinic will be held everyday before the games

School team: (in school kit) will be R13,000 per team
(11 to 18 players (with 18 players two fully kitted goalkeepers must be present or with 1 Goalkeeper a team of 16).

Individual player: without a kit will be R1300 per player

u10/11  6 July - 9 July
u12/13  13 July - 16 July 


Team or Individual

We also offer a SAHA level 0 coaching course and  SAHA level 0 umpiring course during the tournament.

shirt R280
shorts/skort R250
socks R100.

The branding is Ravens (blue), Bumblebees (yellow) Beasts (green), Cyborgs (grey), Starfire (purple), Nightwings (Red).  

Cobie Odendaal 
082 337 5616

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